Why You Should Hire Michael Shou


Why You should hire Monster Shou

You may wonder why I should hire Michael Shou when you go through my resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile. If you still couldn’t make the decision and want to offer me a chance to know more about my candidacy for the position, you may find it worth your time. Everyone has some memorable moments in his or her life, and those moments define the person. You may find some interesting things about them when you look into those moments, which may be mixed with tear and hope, or fear and depression, but eventually we all go through those moments and become the person today. We are not born to be a great person, we choose to be a better person. The choice we have made makes the better person today. I firmly believe that if we don’t choose the life for ourselves today, we will be chosen tomorrow. Not only my professional competency, but also the aspects from my personal life makes me the excellent candidate that you are looking for with a great combination of professional and personal aspects. If you want to know more about me, you could watch the presentation or visit my personal website www.monstershou.com.

You can watch the presentation through the linked blow:


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