Maybe I am Evil

Maybe I am Evil

 Who I am?

 I lost Myself..

Maybe I am Evil

Think Noble,but 

Act Evil…..

Think is…. I want to be

Act  is……I am in fact


Am I a Gambler?

The Price of What I want 

is What I have,But,

I lost what I have,

Did not get what I want,

Finally I lost Everything.

Including Myself

What I get is just 

An Evil Soul


An Evil Soul

Torture my heart in the late-night

An Evil Soul

Tempt me to a vicious life

An Evil Soul

Seduce me to lost myself.


I will not comprmise 

I will find myself

By myself alone

To know Who I am

Noble or Evil


Am I Noble,or 

Am I Evil,

This is a question.


To be Noble,or 

To be Evil

I will have my answer.



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